Professionalism begins with your personal appearance and presentation.

Personal appearance: You’ll be in close proximity to clients, so be conscious of what affects them. That begins with your personal hygiene. Be sure that you’re clean and odor-free (which means that you should not only be free of body odor, but should also not wear fragrances; i.e., colognes, perfumes, or other scented products since so many people have allergies to fragrances). Hair should be clean and kept.  Students with long hair must keep it neatly pulled back and bound for clinics.

The clinic uniform is the school uniform.  Footwear may include sneakers, crocs, or other comfortable, closed-toe footwear. Open-toed footwear is not allowed either in clinics or classes. In no case are you allowed to be barefoot. Footwear is to be worn with socks. Sandals, flip-flops and house slippers are not part of our uniform. No hats, head coverings of any sort (including baseball caps, ‘do rags, etc.), or sunglasses are to be worn. Clothes should be clean. Students who do not comply with the dress code will be asked to leave the class, and may not return until they have corrected their dress code variances.

Your hands must be clean. Fingernails cannot extend past your fingertips.


Look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp!

Be prepared: You’re expected to come to clinic ready to work.


Dealing with clients.

Tipping is not allowed. Without a license, you cannot be compensated for your work. That includes tips. Should a client offer a tip, thank them and explain that the school does not allow tipping for unlicensed person; and that you appreciate their generous gesture.

Always be courteous and kind to clients.  Remember, clients needs come first.


Take advantage of the opportunity to practice and refine your professional skills by attending all available clinics. It is both difficult and costly for you to make up clinic time, so do yourself a favor: don’t miss clinics. When you miss clinic hours, not only do you inconvenience clients by having their appointments cancelled, but our Receptionist must attempt to cancel them before they arrive.  

Clinics are your opportunity to demonstrate your skills, talents and abilities to perform all the functions of your trade. Violations of clinic policies and requirements, including failing to come to clinic, cannot be tolerated. Your presence and performance in Student Clinics is an indicator of your future work ethic.