Professional Barbering FAQs

Q1.  What will I learn in the barbering classes?

       Students learn hair cutting and styling techniques, design work, hair coloring, shampooing, shaving with a straight razor, hair replacement, and other skills.


Q2.  What are some of the courses that make up the barbering program?

        There are 23 courses, some of which are sanitation and safety, skin and scalp microbiology, hair structure and function, basic anatomy and physiology, massage and facials, chemicals and chemistry, and others.


Q3.  How many hour are required to complete the program?

        In keeping with the State of Louisiana Barbering Board, we require 1500 clock hours in order to graduate from our college.  About 20% is spent in the classroom, while the rest is spent in a hands-on setting.


Q4.  Do you offer different times or shifts?

       We offer two shifts:  day shift which meets Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM and night shift which meets Monday-Friday from 6:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  The duration for the day shift is about 10 months, while the night shift is approximately 16 months.


Q5.  Does the college provide any supplies?

        Included in your tuition is a uniform barber's jacket, textbook, and a kit of equipment and supplies that contains items you will need throughout your courses.  


Q6.  Do you offer financial aid?

       Yes, in fact we are the only barbering school in the greater Baton Rouge area that provides financial aid to those who qualify.  Financial aid may include Pell Grants (which do not have to be repaid) or low-interest student loans.  We also work with the Veterans Administration and other organizations that may assist you with financial aid.


Q7.  How do I become a licensed barber in the state of Louisiana?

       You must graduate from an accredited barbering program and pass your license exam.  Here at MCC, our graduates have a 100% passing rate on the exam.


Q7.  Do you help in job placement?

        Yes, we offer services to help you find a job in your field.  There is no charge for this service for life!