Combination Welding FAQs

Q1.  What will I learn in the welding classes?

        We teach the 4 main industry standard in welding:  stick welding, MIG, flux core, and TIG.  Once you graduate and get your American Welding Society credentials, you will be a certified level I welder.


Q2.  What are some of the courses that make up the welding curriculum?

        Courses include basic safety, hand and power tools, employability skills, oxyfuel arc cutting, beads and fillet welds, open V-Groove welds, pre- and post-heating of metals, plate welding, and more.


Q3.  How many hours are required to complete the program?

        Our program consists of 750 clock hours, with about 30 spent in the classroom and the large majority spent in a hand-on setting.


Q4.  Do you offer different times or shift?

        Morning - meets Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM for 7 months

        Afternoon - meets Monday - Friday from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM for 7 months

        Night - meets Monday - Friday from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM for 9 months


Q5.  Does the college provide any supplies that students need?

       Included in your tuition are all of the supplies you will need to safely complete the program, except steel-toes boots.  You are required to purchas these on your own.


Q6.  Do you offer financial aid?

        Yes, we offer financial aid to those who qualify.  This may include Pell Grants (which do not have to be paid back) and/or low-interest student loans.  We also work with the Veterans Administration and other organizations that may assist you with financial aid.


Q7.  Do you help in job placement?

        Yes.  We offer services to help you find a job in your field after graduation.  This service is free of charge for life!