I enjoyed so much about school. But what made my experience so profound and special were the people: what I learned from my instructors, fellow classmates, and other students.

The attentiveness of my instructors was something I never experienced before, and never will forget. They taught me more than just book knowledge and know-how. I felt they gave me an inside guide on improving my life, & the lives of everyone else I would come in contact with, a hundredfold.

There are many places to go to school and become an LMT [Licensed Massage Therapist - ed.]. But there are few places like Moore Career College where you can meet and exceed all your expectations. They teach and help guide your natural talents and abilities in the correct and most efficient manner possible.

 -Pondexter Kelly, Massage Program


This program allow you to develop as many skills as you need...

-Thomas Ventress, Combination Welding

It was a great process that I went through with the welding program.  I learned a lot of things faster that I thought, so I would give it two thumbs up!
-James Royal, Combination Welding
I'm thankful for this program for helping me achieve my goals.  I recommend anyone to this school because they set high expectations, make sure all courses are hands-on, and stick to their word.
-DeMonte Muse, Combination Welding
What a wonderful experience!
-Ronald David, Professional Barbering
My instructors words:  "You take YOU wherever you go."  These words inspire me to do my best always.
-Patricia Carlin, Professional Barbering