Our clinics are student clinics, intended to aid our students in their education to become licensed massage therapists. Having clients for them for every hour of clinic is important to them, permitting them to work on a greater variety of body types than by only working on each other.


Our rules are:

1. Please turn off your cell phone, or silence it.

2. While in the clinic room, your student-therapist, and occasionally the instructor, will ask you questions. Please reply quietly.

3. We ask that you not chat with the student-therapist. It’s distracting to the therapist, and annoying to other clients n the same room with you.

4. Feel free to undress to your level of comfort in the clinic room. No matter whether you wear street clothes, gym clothes, your underwear, or what God clothed you in, understand that you will be covered with a drape (a thick, or heavy sheet) during the session. We will only uncover the area we're going to work on at the moment. For instance, though we'll work on both legs, we work on one leg at a time; so we'll only uncover one leg at a time. We will not uncover "swimsuit" areas. Please don’t surprise us by uncovering them, either.

5. No food or drink allowed in our office or the clinic rooms, other than water from our water cooler that our therapist will bring to you in the lobby after the session is over.

6. If you cannot be here for your scheduled appointment, please notify us as many hours in advance as possible. That will give us time to book someone else in your place. If you don't advise us in a timely way that you're not going to attend a clinic. it may result in your being barred from scheduling future appointments unless you pay in advance.  That’s how important the education we give our students is to us.

7. If you arrive 10 minutes late or later for your scheduled appointment, we won't be able to work on you. Ten minutes past your appointed time, we will have already assigned a student or administrative employee to the student-therapist so they can get the practice they need. If you suspect you will be late, please be sure to call us to let us know if you will not be attending because you can't get here on time. It’s not impossible that, with notice, we can stretch the cutoff time by five minutes. Please understand that we’re working on a class schedule in our clinics. If you arrive ten minutes late, the length of the massage will be shorter by the ten minutes you were late. We can’t hold up a class, an instructor, and the administrative staff for the sake of one tardy client.

8. Please don’t request a male or female therapist. If we accede to such requests, that denies some students the opportunity to work on a particular body type or physical condition; and that’s simply not fair to the students. If us assigning only a male, or only a female, student-therapist is vital to you and nothing else will suit you, we recommend that you please patronize one of the area practices where you can pay $70 and up to enjoy having that option. This is a learning environment for all of our students. We intend to give them all an equal opportunity. Understand, too, that this is a clinical environment. Nothing of a sexual nature takes place here. Would you refuse to be cared for or treated by a doctor, or a nurse, if they’re of the “wrong” gender or race or religion? If so, this is not a place where you should consider receiving massage.

9. Anything inappropriate, whether word or deed, will result in the immediate end of the session. In such a case, there are no refunds. You will be expected to leave the premises immediately. You will be barred from scheduling any future massage clinics with us. In a history stretching back to 1992 and more than 42,000 massages, we have had only 17 incidents that resulted in our terminating a session. We’d like to keep the incidents at 17.

10. The cost of a session is $25 for approximately 45-50 minutes of massage. Gift certificates are available, and are valid for one year. You may pay with cash, check, or debit or credit card (limited to Visa or Mastercard). We will not accept post-dated or second-party checks. 

11. Students cannot receive tips. That could prevent them from being licensed in the State of Louisiana.

We appreciate your interest in our student massage clinics! We hope it will be a great experience for you.